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Who are we

Who are we

Bic Euronova, the European Business and Innovation Centre (BIC) of Malaga, is participated by: the Innovation and Development of Andalusia (40%) belonging to the Andalusian, PROMÁLAGA (40%), a company owned by Unicaja- bank (20%).

From the beginning, shareholders pushed for innovation and creation of innovative companies as a way to streamline the business and create wealth. In the beginning, also involved the Ministry of Industry through its specialized agency for small and medium enterprises IMPI.

Along with the shareholders, the European Commission through DG Region were supported during the first two financial years the launch of BIC Malaga and actively participated in the selection of its managing director.

Bic Euronova has collaboration agreements with various actors involved in the creation and consolidation of companies such as the University of Málaga, Málaga AJE, the Municipal Institute of Employment and Training, Fundación Red Andalucía Emprende, CDT among the most significant.

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