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3Dzings is an engineering company focused on 3D printing and fast prototyping services. We do design and manufacturing of industrial prototypes, customized parts or special spare parts. We also offer 3D scanning and design consultancy as services. Our job is aimed to the cost reduction of the development stage for R&D companies, offering for that purpose our technical knowledge, experience and the resources for fast prototyping and/or customized parts.

Telf: 626 238 570
Web: http://www.3dzings.com


Ambergreen is dedicated to developing desktop, web and mobile applications.

Telf: 951 50 57 60
Web: http://www.ambergreen.eu

AMG Energía y Telecomunicaciones

AMG Energía y telecomunciaciones S.L. Engineering company that works in the telecommunications field.

Telf: 952066038


ATyges Engineering makes architectural, engineering and planning. Licensing and permits. Legalization.

Telf: 95 20 20 600
Web: http://www.atyges.es


We integrate, into the value chain of your company, technological solutions for creativity, innovation and adaptability of your business processes. We develope solutions in areas like design, business intelligence, process automation and technology in general, in a targeted and effective way tailored to each client.

contact: Marino García
tel: 951 286 864

Telf: 951 286 864
Web: http://www.bn-tic.es

Brantor Consultores

Brantor Consultores has a deep specialization on Virtual Business Solutions and Groupware 2.0. They are the creators of PETALO 2.0, eCollaborative Platform for Communities of Practice.

Telf: 952020430
Web: http://www.brantor.com

Centro de Estudios Aeroáuticos

Centro de Estudios Aeronáuticos deals with the theoretical and practical formation related to the sector of the aeronautics, his principal activity is the formation of flights attendants.

Telf: 956591956
Web: http://www.cursostcp.es

Christar International

Christar International, which seeks transformation through social innovation, works in areas such as health care, education, business and refugee work. Christar International facilitates and provides leadership to its teams serving around the world and offers programs designed to cultivate leaders. This includes mentorship of students from partner universities and leadership development programs for like-minded organizations.

Telf: +34 952 024 791
Web: http://www.christar.org


Executive Coaching and Cross Cultural Management services to support teams and professionals in processes of adaptation, transformation and international expansion in its organizations, mainly the Tourist Sector. An innovative resource for organizations that aim to maintain the most successful long-term team & professionals performances. 

Mr.Juan Diego Salinas 

Telf: +34 951 76 78 77 / +34 686 196 192
Web: http://www.coachingairlines.com
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Desafío Psicotécnicos

Online training academy specialized in the preparation of Psychotechnical Tests for competitive examinations and selective processes.

Telf: 675 500 913
Web: http://www.desafiopsicotecnicos.com

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