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Centro de Estudios Aeroáuticos

Centro de Estudios Aeronáuticos deals with the theoretical and practical formation related to the sector of the aeronautics, his principal activity is the formation of flights attendants.

Telf: 956591956
Web: http://www.cursostcp.es

Christar International

Christar International, which seeks transformation through social innovation, works in areas such as health care, education, business and refugee work. Christar International facilitates and provides leadership to its teams serving around the world and offers programs designed to cultivate leaders. This includes mentorship of students from partner universities and leadership development programs for like-minded organizations.

Telf: +34 952 024 791
Web: http://www.christar.org


Executive Coaching and Cross Cultural Management services to support teams and professionals in processes of adaptation, transformation and international expansion in its organizations, mainly the Tourist Sector. An innovative resource for organizations that aim to maintain the most successful long-term team & professionals performances. 

Mr.Juan Diego Salinas 

Telf: +34 951 76 78 77 / +34 686 196 192
Web: http://www.coachingairlines.com
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DHV Technology

DHV Technology is an engineering and consulting industry activity in the aerospace and renewable sector, which designs and manufactures photovoltaic panels for space, airborne and ground applications.

Contact: Miguel A. Vázquez and Vicente Diaz, Managing Director & Co-Founders 

Telf: 619 053 924 / 629 023 519
Web: http://www.dhvtechnology.com


Studio focused in design and coding of websites and smartphone and tablets applications; graphic design, branding and editorial design. Video and motion-graphics.

Telf: +34 951909994 / 655529260
Web: http://www.ducktoy.es/web/

ERES Relocation Services

Industry leaders in the delivery of integrated mobility destination services 


Contacto: Andrea Manes 

Telf: 637824772 / +34 93 200 14 76
Web: http://www.eresrelocation.com

Escuela Exce

Business school dedicated to training and consulting companies and professionals with over ten years of experience and success in organizing programs of specialization in different training branches, mainly economic and financial , creation and business management , marketing, coaching executive and management skills, among others.

Mr. Luis Moreno. 

Telf: 952041224
Web: http://www.escuelaexce.com

Garaje de Ideas

"Garaje de ideas is an innovation and user experience design studio.

We create digital and physical meaningful products, services and experiences, applying the value of design as a driver of innovation. We start from a user centric perspective, working in a multidisciplinary environment along the whole creative process. From facts to concepts and from challenges to solutions. 

Research, strategy and design are crucial to generate captivating products and services. We help companies to generate value, grow and become visionary."



Telf: +34 687 580 415
Web: http://garajedeideas.com

INWORD Consultores y Comunicación

Iword offers expert advice to businesses and professionals in new technologies.
Some of its areas of work: Legal (Website auditing , implementation LOPD (Data Protect Act) , intellectual property ), Communication (social networks , correct use of tolos) and Training: (training on the Law of New Technologies , develop custom training activities , both onsite and online, online platform with a wide range of courses).

Telf: 630154084
Web: http://www.inword.es

Macrimasa Pharma

Faithful to the company philosophy , Laboratorios Macrimasa Pharma , has become a business Oraganization with unbeatable experience and is a real specialist in the medical , pharmaceutical , hospital , out patient sectors in health human and health animal.


Telf: 902366106

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