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To attract projects by means of activities geared to promoting, guiding and motivating potential entrepreneurs in order to indentify innovative business ideas and projects.
Selection of Innovative business Ideas

Business ideas are assessed by different means, and those with the highest degree of innovation, maturity and business viability are selected.
Advisory services

By means of individual tutorials aimed at business people and entrepreneurs. These include advice on such matters as management, marketing, consulting and technology, discussions, forums, data bases, guidelines for procedures for the creation of businesses, tools, etc. A Business Plan is essential and Bic Euronova has a powerful computer program available for telematic consultations and tutorials which can be used to prepare one.


The ultimate goal is to train entrepreneurs and business people. The mission of Bic Euronova´s training programme is to provide entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and knowledge to create and manage a business and ensure its success, enabling them to transmit an image of innovation and quality in all their activities.
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